An evangelist blessing is a sacred time and space to come closer to God. It is a special prayer of blessing that gives guidance, hope, assurance, and insights to help you on your spiritual journey.

The nature of God is to love and bless. God's blessing comes through many avenues, such as family, friends, nature, music, or the written word. God desires to further bless you with a personal and specific blessing at key moments in your life journey:

  •  When you are at transition points (graduation, college, marriage, children, divorce, employment decisions, etc.)
  •  When the big questions of "Who am I?" and "What is my purpose?" occupy your mind and heart
  •  When you want to understand God's will for your life
  •  When you sense that God is calling you to new pathways

Anyone who longs for and is willing to prepare for a closer and more intimate encounter with God may receive a blessing. The sacrament of blessing is available to members and friends of Community of Christ.
In Community of Christ, the sacrament of evangelist blessing provides opportunity for this personal and specific ministry.


Spiritual Formation

Featuring a variety of topics, guests, and panelists, Project Zion Podcast explores the unique spiritual and theological gifts Community of Christ offers today’s world. Full-length episodes post every Tuesday and Friday, plus a brief and edgy commentary every Sunday morning to help center us in the scriptures, seasons, and holy days of the Christian tradition.​

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Evangelist blessing

Spiritual formation awakens disciples to the Divine Presence in the midst of everyday life. Through spiritual practices, worship, and retreats, we learn to listen for God’s Spirit and discern invitations to share God’s love.

Community of Christ does not proselytize faithful, active Latter-day Saints.  Instead, we seek fellowship and dialogue with all members of the Restoration.

In the model of our Master, we invite all who are heavy laden, disenchanted, frustrated, or lost to come and see what God can do for their lives in Community of Christ.  If you are a disaffected Latter-day Saint, we invite you to consider the Restoration anew. 

Latter-day Seekers ministry introduces seekers and other spiritual explorers to Community  of  Christ. Our journey as a people of faith instilled in us a deep compassion and connection with spiritual refugees who also are trying to find their way and make the world a better place.  

Before you leave the Restoration, or Christianity altogether, please consider our offer of sanctuary. We invite you to experience the peace of God in Community of Christ.

Community of Christ's field-based LCM program piloted its first group of sessions in the fall of 2012.  Congregation leaders throughout the US have made the commitment to attend the seven weekend sessions over the course of three years and incorporate the practices into their congregations. Through the workshops and the monthly meetings this group is learning the importance of functioning as a team, sharing in missional practices, and discussing and discerning essential questions.  Contrary to everything we've heard before the key to leadership is to "slow down."  The goal is not to quickly check off as many things on our to-do list as possible, but to focus on loving God, loving one another, and loving our neighbors first.  This exciting new program is helping to develop a new understanding of what it means to be missional and relational with each other as well as extend invitation, hospitality and healing to those in our neighborhoods and beyond.


Latter-day SEEKERS: