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Carla Long

Carla is a Latter Day Seeker Minister, Utah Mission Team.  She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah

Karin Peter

Karin is the President of Seventy for the North Central USA Mission Field.  She is also currently serving as the Inland West Mission Center Invitational Support Minister. Karin lives in Olympia, WA.

Brad Martell

Brad is the President of the Inland West Mission Center.  Brad  reside in Spokane, Washington.

Blair White

Blair is a Latter Day Seeker Minister, Utah Mission Team.  He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah


staff members:

We proclaim jesus christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace.

Denise White

Denise is the Financial Officer of the Inland West Mission Center. She resides in Salt Lake City, UT.

JoAnn Fisher

JoAnn is the Mission Coordinator and has served the Mission for over 20 years.  Her home congregation is Boise, Idaho.

Sandy Decker

Sandy is the Associate Financial Officer and Administrative Assistant for the Mission Center.  She is currently the Pastor in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Community of Christ

Mission Initiatives

Christ mission is our mission.  From this point forward, all ministries, personnel, and resources of the World will be focused on the whole mission of Jesus Christ through five, life-changing, church-changing, and world-changing Mission Initiatives.

  • Invite People to Christ

  • Abolish Poverty and End Suffering

  • Pursue Peace on Earth​

  • Develop Disciples to Serve

  • Experience Congregations in Mission

Enduring Principles

  • Grace and Generosity
  • Sacredness of Creation
  • Continuing Revelation
  • Worth of All Persons
  • All Are Called
  • Responsible Choices
  • Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)
  • Unity in Diversity
  • Blessings of Community​

inland west mission center

Community of Christ, Inland West, offers:
  • A community of people where the gospel of Christ is the focus of worship, learning, caring and mission.
  • Local congregations where deep friendships are established and individuals valued
  • A global community with a worldwide mission that values all cultures and celebrates the rich diversity of human life
  • Meaningful opportunities to serve Christ by helping others and promoting peace
There is no greater joy than the joy of sharing the love of Jesus Christ