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Supporting Our Children and Youth Through the YES Fund
Thank you for your generous contributions to the mission center’s Youth Empowerment Support Fund (YES Fund). The YES Fund was established to help youth and children throughout the mission center to be able to attend camps/reunions/retreats, Spectacular, and other approved activities. YES Funds help by sharing the cost of a child’s or youth’s registration fees and travel expenses. See the YES Fund Policy.

Mission Center Fundraising Goal for 2018: $10,000.00.

     As of January 3 donations have reached just over $4,000.00

Watch for updates in mission center communications as we meet our goal.

Ways you can give to the YES Fund:

  • Make an Honor or Memorial Gift on behalf of a loved one.

               --Lavera Wade (Spokane Valley, WA) gave a gift to the YES Fund in memory of her grandson, Sam.

               --A family from Culbertson, Montana donated in honor of their parents.

  • Have a congregational or group fundraiser.

               --At mission center conference Roselyn Bentz (Lewiston, ID) donated the sales of her handmade

                 greeting cards to the YES Fund. We received over $200.     

               --The Whitehall Congregation recently donated over $500.00.

               --The Spokane Valley Congregation recently gave almost $800.00 (in part due to the generosity of one giver)

Mark your checks for “YES Fund” and your Congregational Financial Officer (CFO) will forward the money to the Mission Center Office to administer.

Thank you for your help in supporting our youth and children.  Any questions please contact Sandy Decker at